What is Education? Students publish international critical anthology

News published by Administration the 02/11/2017 at 10:30

What is Education?

Reforms, increasing privatization and market demands are fundamentally changing the way in which education is conceived and practiced on an international scale. The anthology What is Education? poses the question of education as a way of questioning the answers that define and govern what education is and can be said to be today.

The question of education is as philosophically pertinent as it is politically urgent. It demands that we not only describe the general nature of education, but that we also describe the qualities, problems, and conflicts that make up the present reality of education – it demands reflection but not without imposing a confrontation with the present. The anthology What is education? is a means to this end.

The anthology was initiated by a group of students, motivated by their own experiences as students and activists in student politics. In addition to the book, the initiative consists of a series of public seminars, where students and teachers debate over issues in educational politics and philosophy. The book is distributed free of charge, digitally and in print, to students, teachers, and other interested parties wanting to form reading groups and seminars on the matter.


The anthology contains contributions from:

Henrik Jøker Bjerre, Steen Nepper Larsen, Christopher Fynsk, Siegfried Zielinski, Kirsten Hyldgaard, Mladen Dolar, Wendy Brown, Steen Ebbesen and Elie During.


Download the book and find more information at: